Early Education Programs

Project Child Care Maintenance and Enhancement

Child Care Services Association

Improves the quality of child care in both child care centers and family child care homes through technical assistance, training, mentors, grants, and opportunities to improve child care management skills.

Program contact: Monnie Griggs, 403-6950

The Foundations Academy

A technical assistance specialist trained on NCFELD and approved as a NCFELD trainer will facilitate a monthly training. The TA specialist will also provide on-site coaching to the teachers participating to support implementation of improvement strategies. A technical assistance manager trained on NCFELD and approved as a NCFELD trainer will provide additional support and assistance.

Making the Most of Classroom Interactions

Child Care Services Association

The Making the Most of Classroom Interactions Academy will expand upon the RTT implementation of CLASS by providing training and on-site technical assistance to early childhood educators working in Orange County 4 and 5 star facilities and seeking to improve their teaching practices. The CLASS TA Specialist will use the Classroom Assessment Scoring System and Making the Most of Classroom Interactions as tools to provide monthly training and coaching.

Orange County Consolidated Childcare (SMART START Subsidy/Scholarship)

Orange County Dept. of Social Services

The Child Care Subsidy Program provides low-income families with information and financial resources to find and afford quality child care for their children. Resources enable families to make informed choices regarding childcare providers. The North Carolina Division of Child Development provides a lot of valuable information for parents. Parents may find information on how to select the right childcare center by clicking here. Parents may also search for child care facilities by name, permit type (one star, two Star, etc), location, subsidy acceptance,etc.

Program Contact:
Tina Clark
Subsidy Supervisor
Orange County Department of Social Services
PO Box 8181 Hillsborough, NC 27278

The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years Parent-Baby program will provide classroom parent education and home-based visits to Orange County parents of children birth to 12 months and their babies. The program will work to teach parents how to read their child’s cues, use effective verbal communication, and provide physical, tactile, and visual stimulation. Parents will gain understanding in fostering warm, nurturing, and rewarding interactions with their children; gain knowledge in the importance of play in helping to build their child’s healthy brain architecture, ensuring success in school and the future. Parenting sessions will be offered in two 10 week sessions. Smart Start funds may also be used for meeting expenses, food, travel and supplies.

The Directors’ Leadership Academy

The Directors’ Leadership Academy will combine year-long training with on-site coaching to help child care center directors balancing their responsibilities. The project teaches directors the strategies and processes needed to access existing resources in order to: support education; improve compensation and benefits; use best practices for center management; use limited resources more effectively and implement a high quality curriculum for children.