Child Health And Early Intervention Programs

Child Care Health Consultant

Orange County Partnership for Young Children

OCPYC has added a child care health consultant to our team!

Child care health consultants are state-qualified health professionals with expertise in children’s health and development as well as health and safety in child care settings. Child care health consultants work with the directors of family child care homes and child care centers—as well as with staff and families—to ensure safe and healthy child care environments.

These consultants provide guidance and technical assistance to child care providers by interpreting North Carolina Child Care Rules and the National Health and Safety Performance Standards for early childhood education. Child care health consultants partner with child care providers to:

  • Offer consultation in family child care homes or center classrooms
  • Review health records of children and staff
  • Teach and monitor medication administration practices
  • Develop care plans for inclusion of children with special care needs
  • Establish and review health policies and procedures
  • Develop and implement oral health policies and procedures
  • Support the benefits of outdoor learning environments
  • Provide technical assistance regarding the management of infectious diseases and injuries
  • Interpret standards, regulations, and accreditation requirements related to health and safety
  • Offer free trainings on health and safety topics including:
    • hand washing
    • diapering
    • emergency preparedness
    • medication administration
    • Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG)-required content areas

We’re here to assist with your child care facility’s health and safety needs.

Contact: Tamara Dempsey-Tanner

Growing Up Healthy

Orange County Partnership for Young Children

Growing Up Healthy (GUH) provides training, coaching, consultation, technical assistance (TA) and resource materials to child care facilities in Orange County to improve health outcomes for children in care. The program prioritizes services for two demonstration sites and up to ten centers enrolled in the GUH Program. Directors complete the Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (GO NAPSACC) to determine areas that need improvement as related to physical activity, child nutrition, breastfeeding, outdoor learning, Farm to Early Care and Education (ECE), screen time and oral health.

GUH centers receive one-on-one TA and assistance to develop an action plan to improve chosen areas of the GO NAPSACC. Assistance can include designing outdoor learning environments and gardens, staff development, policy writing and more. GUH helps access volunteers, materials and donated services to improve and naturalize play areas. The GUH Program also works with local farms and other outlets to enhance Farm to ECE for centers to include seasonal and fresh produce in their menus. Non-cash grants, when funds are available, may be offered to address issues identified in the action plan.

Community workshops are also provided for GUH center staff and other interested Orange County child care facilities on topics including: the Be Active Kids (BAK) physical activity program; nutrition; science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) education; outdoor learning; and Farm to ECE.

Contact: Claudia Ladino Rubiano

Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD)

Chapel Hill Training Outreach Project – KidSCope

ABCD provides training and technical assistance to Orange County primary care medical practices to facilitate the identification of children ages birth to five who may benefit from early intervention services. Technical assistance is provided to physicians and their staff to support the use of standardized, validated developmental screening tools and referral of children found to be at-risk for developmental delay or disability, including autism.

Contact: Sara Garrison

Spanish Language Early Childhood Educators Community of Practice

Orange County Partnership for Young Children

The Spanish Language Early Childhood Educators Community of Practice (COP) works to bolster native Spanish-speaking child care providers in Orange County. There is no data on how many of the teachers countywide are native Spanish speakers, but OCPYC estimates it could be as high as 15- 20% based on our experiences in the field. Many of these teachers are not English proficient and therefore struggle to achieve the education they need to provide quality care to children. The COP provides opportunities for Spanish-speaking child care providers to learn and share professional knowledge in a community of Spanish speakers. Through meetings and workshops, participants will improve their teaching practices, build confidence, develop leadership skills, and increase their professional network.

Children with native Spanish-speaking teachers participating in this program will be better prepared for school.

Contact: Claudia Ladino Rubiano