We are excited to announce the return of the Young Children’s Art Contest! We welcome your young artist to enter. Please print this application form and follow the instructions.


About young children’s art:

Tips for Parents Scribble Stage

  • Children make random scribbles and explore materials in a playful way.
  • Scribbles are uncontrolled and then progressively become controlled.
  • The child identifies and names a familiar object in the random scribble.
  • Children are learning to talk about marks, colors, and shapes. Pre-schematic Stage
  • Colors are used unrealistically. Children use their favorite colors.
  • Child draws tadpole figure people.
  • Objects are floating in space – not anchored.
  • X-ray drawings show both interiors and exteriors.

Pre-schematic Stage Schematic Stage

  • Children have a set schema about a way of drawing.
  • Use more realistic color.
  • Proportionate body and head sizes, and more detail.
  • Create stories to go along with drawings.
  • Provide safe art materials and a place to work.
  • Make specific comments and ask questions about the child’s art.
  • Display the child’s art at home.
  • Provide an opportunity for children to see fine art on display.
  • Keep a collection of your child’s art.